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has excellent technical management team and rich construction experience, and has participated in many large scale construction projects, including the New Portuguese Hotel, Studio City Macau, Jinsha Entertainment City, MGM Hotel, Shiliupu Hotel, new 800 partner supermarket in Macao , triumphal arch Entertainment City, fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center, fisherman's Wharf volcano, Venetian children's passage...     More>

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At present, the main body of the rack in the conference hall has been basically completed. The on-site installation mode adopts hydraulic lifting. The main body of the rack is about 3000 tons, and the MEP in the conference hall is 280 tons. The completed multifunctional hall weighs about 2450 tons, the completed air conditioning platform belonging to the multifunctional hall weighs about 90 tons, the multifunctional hall MEP 141 tons, HVAC 230 tons and BMU 545 tons. ​
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  • Kong Sing group is a large-scale transnational comprehensive enterprise group
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